Our Nyenrode programs

Permanent education for interim managers is a matter of course

How do you know whether the interim manager who will be working for you, still has the right qualifications and keeps abreast of the latest developments? With our Nyenrode InterExcellent Certificate Programmes we give you this certainty: permanent education for interim managers.

Executive Interim Management course

For Senior Interim Managers. Permanent Education at Nyenrode MBA level. Title: CEIM (Certified Executive Interim Manager).

IT Direction Management course

For IT directors. Permanent Education at Nyenrode MBA level. Title: CITDM (Certified IT Direction Manager).

Course in Directing (regional) cooperation in healthcare

For managing directors and (interim) managers, consultants and directors in healthcare. Permanent Education at Nyenrode MBA level.

These unique programmes are exclusively intended for the interim managers and IT specialists of InterExcellent. InterExcellent selects the participants primarily on the basis of placeability in its (future) assignments, after which Nyenrode makes the final selection. The courses were developed by Professor Lidewey van der Sluis, Professor Rob Blomme and Professor Lineke Sneller from Nyenrode Business University.

Interim managers permanently at the highest level
We invest a great deal in professionalising our interim managers and the interim management profession, so that you can benefit from the latest knowledge, new suggestions and practical insights. Our Nyenrode programmes offer high-quality learning possibilities for senior executive interim managers, IT directors and IT specialists who want to remain among the absolute top in their field. They are tomorrow’s interim managers, all ready to get started for you.

Since 2009, there have been more than 20 courses in permanent education for interim managers. Over 200 interim managers participated in these and obtained their CEIM (Certified Executive Interim Manager) or CITDM (Certified IT Direction Manager) certificate.

Executive Interim Management course

This course, intended for Senior Executive Interim Managers, started in 2009. This unique, certified (CEIM) programme at Nyenrode MBA level promotes the further professionalisation of our senior interim managers. After they have completed the course, these managers can be placed on higher-level assignments better and faster, enriching their network. The programme is currently being updated.

IT Direction Management course

In January 2015, Nyenrode and InterExcellent started the course IT Direction Management for IT interim managers. After every course, papers written by the participants are compiled and published. Six compilations have appeared so far, including The IT controller’s central role in decentralisation and Digital transformation: impact on people and organisation. The eighth edition of the IT Direction Management course will start in September 2022.

Course in Managing (regional) cooperation in healthcare

In October 2020, Nyenrode and InterExcellent started with the first edition of the course in Managing (regional) cooperation in healthcare. The course is focused on managing directors, interim and executive managers, consultants and directors in healthcare, who have or seek a key position in (regional) collaborative organisations, or who are about to start another (regional) collaborative initiative or network.
Candidates are active in top-level positions in cure, care, mental healthcare, general practitioners’ practice, with a municipality or insurer, or as a quartermaster for collaboration in healthcare and the social domain. Interim managers who want to become competent in the expertise and role of director in network healthcare, are also welcome to this course.

The third course will start in the autumn of 2022.


Nyenrode and InterExcellent started with the Nyenrode InterExcellent Certified Programme (NICP) in 2008. Every year, some 20-30 participants were awarded the certificate.